Christian Concern Mission


A brief sketch of CCM Care Home:

Christian concern mission (CCM).was established in 1980. Care Home is one of the key programes of CCM since it is a missionary activity which CCM keeps it as a tradition with the same spirit. In this, all project partners play a role to bring positive results. CCM Care Home is for those girls/women who run away from school and home and wandering in streets without security.

They rome around shelterless and no proper care and protection. CCM has been rescuing these helpless girls/women giving them shelter first, and then, food, clothing and education/training and also rehabilitate them so that they could stand on their own feet with a respect. So far, CCM could help 180 destitutes and needy girls/women prepairing for 7th and 10th classes together with trainings---- tailoring, envelope making (by hand now) typewriting, curry and detergent powders making trades ect.

Accomadation is one of the dire needs of CCM. We could not take more inmates because of lack of accomodation and no doubt, funds.

Postal address : Christian Concern Mission
PO Bag 5, Shamshabad,
R.R District, 501 218,
Andhra Pradesh, INDIA