Christian Concern Mission


Christian Concern Mission


I. Legal status :

A. CCM is a voluntary and non-denominational Christian Organisation registered under Public Societies Registration Act, 1350 F of A. P. State Government (1980).

B. CCM is registered under Income Tax Act, 1961 and Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, 1976 of India Government.
1. Income Tax Exemption (1986)
2. F. C. R. A. (1985}

II. General Information :

Motto: Think of others.

  1. is established in 1980
  2. is interested in public services of rural and community developments irrespective of sex, caste and creed.

  3. has 3 office locations :

    1. Head Office: Shamshabad
    2. Regional Offices :
      1. Mirkhanpet (R. R District)
      2. Vempahad (Nalgonda District)
  4. owns now two farms (28 acres) for training. research and self-support ventures with Regional Office at each farm (Nalgonda & R. R. District)
  5. receives grants and donations from any well-wisher for developmental activity in the rural context.
  6. is involved at present in the following services as indicated under each programme :
    1. Human Resource Development Service (HRDS)
    2. Human Welfare Services (HWS)
    3. Integrated Rural & Community Development Service (ARCIDAS)
    4. Research for Development.


A. Human Resource Development Services : A human resource development endeavour focusing on education and training as resources for development.

1. Family Life Education & Development Services (FLEDS) :

Conducts seminars on family life issues in order to help solve problems of relationships among family members. Counselling also is done. This programme is running since 1980. Training of trainers and resource persons included.

2. Skills Development training (SDT): give skills training for women in handicraft specially in embroidery and tailoring etc. through HELT Training Institute, and through Technical Education Institute the chalk and envelope making. screen printing and Type writing are taken up Stenography. Radio and TV mechanism are yet to be under taken.

3. Women in Development Attempt (WIDA): A women's developmental endeavour is being carried on through EFEECA (Encouragement for Economic, Educational and Cultural Advancement) with emphasis on economic. educational and cultural development among woman who is an agent for change. Condensed Courses of Education (CCE) is another wing. mostly academic in emphasis operative since 1984.

4. Behaviourial Development Education & Training: (BDET): a. Prepares children of 3-7 age groups through pre-schooling and primary education measure (undertaken in (1983)

b. Youth education through YESDAD training Institute. YESDAD is Youth Enquiry, Self-Discovery And Development (1985).

C. Peace Education (Behaviourial discipline) in adults. parents and leaders in the community is emphasized through educational conferences /workshops etc.

5. Literacy and Cultural Development Education (LACDE): As a human resource development measure, literacy and cultural refinement education for rural community is one of our primary concerns. Special attention to beggars, tribal and labourer communities is given in this venture. Literacy for those un-schooled in rural context is one and formal education another concern. Literacy for adults is our present priority with a focus on cultural refinement. Tribal education is yet to be undertaken,


CCM cares for the Welfare of the least and the unfortunate individuals and families who suffer for lack of love, care and concern.

1 Care Home:
with an emphasis on social development for girls with education and skills training facility this was undertaken in 1985 and is being continued. The facility for boys is yet to be made.

2. Community Welfare and Rehabilitation: The following services are taken up to help the individuals and groups or families in crisis, as a samaritan Compassion with a focus on rehabilitation,

a. Family relief: (families in crisis) Taken up (1989)

b Correctional Education & Rehabilitation to Criminals. beggars, alcoholics and drugs addicts (in the process of undertaking)

c. Old age assistance (undertaken 1989)

d. The handicapped and the destitutes (to be undertaken)


(ARCIDAS) (Attempt on Rural and Community Integrated Development & Advancement Services) This is aimed at improving and developing the socio-economic situation in rural context especially in agriculture and professional trades through short and long term loan system while health, housing, education. training and research are other service activities.

  1. The project, MAFDAWS (Modern Agro Farming Development Among Weaker Sections) was undertaken in Nalgonda and Ranga Reddy districts. This focuses on farmer's community.

  2. RICORIDE: (Reflective and Intensive Care On Rural Integrated Development Endeavour) is in the process of undertaking in Ranga Reddy / Nalgonda districts. This project on SATURATION DEVELOPMENT.

  3. Rural Health and Medical Services (RHMS as a primary health care measure including drinking-water and sanitation programmes called ARCADWAS (Assistance for Rural Co-operative Attempt on Drinking Water and Sanitation) have been taken up in Ranga Reddy and Nalgonda districts. Rural Health Centre focusing on rural clinical and pathological programmes is taken up in phases. Plan for a rural diagnostic centre and hospital is under contemplation.

    MOTIVATIONAL EDUCATION attempts through occasional lectureship on health and hygiene mother and child care, and nutrition, thus educating mothers and village resource persons with special emphasis on Small Family Concept. (undertaken in 1985).

  4. RIDE: (Rural Integrated Development Endeavour) is another major project under process of undertaking with an emphasis on education, housing, sanitation training and economic development programmes. This is aimed at a GENERAL APPROACH with no distinction of area.- Rural Low Cost Housing for the needy, who are under social and economic pressure is taken up in Ranga Reddy and Nalgonda districts.


Aimed at both rural and urban development, CCM is giving more attention for a study / Experimentation on education, health, sanitation, farming, environment and family life.


Executive Director.

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